Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Will Never Forget: 9/11

"What happens in Georgia affects the world, we are all connected, and international affairs as we all know often become domestic ones as well," said one of my friends here on myspace in connection with the war-torn Georgia and the recent albeit unresolved conflict. The tragic event that brought the world and its inhabitants closer to each other than we had ever been in recent years was undoubtedly 9/11. The devastating images and irreversible consequences of the tragedy will haunt us for many generations to come, and the lives of those who perished on that day will irreplaceably remain in the hearts of their families and friends.

There's not an anniversary of September 11th that goes by without us asking each other over and over again: "Where were you when 9/11 happened?" It has become more of a routine in that sense, and in fact, a historic reference in itself, for we were all a part of that historic tragedy in every corner of the world.

So much has been written, said and mainly speculated about 9/11 in the last 7 years, but one thing remains the same after all this time - the world will never be the same and that is on a global scale. It was an attack on humanity as a whole, not just the Americans, the Christians or the Jews, etc. but every single one of us living and co-existing on this planet.

9/11.... We will never forget... And we will never surrender.

Health, peace and blessings to you all today and every day..........

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