Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking An Ex-Bottle Factory By Storm!

For those of you wondering whether I've gone completely political and left the music to the clubbers and the promoters to worry about, you're wrong!

I was so fortunate to spend fabulous couple of days in Philadelphia earlier last week - and even managed to tick one of the many to-do-list boxes of my life in the long run...

Years ago, when I first started taking my initial steps in music upon moving to the UK, I came across a song in a pile of my producer's CDs (he probably gets hundreds of them per week from all over the world, I don't know how he manages to hear each and every one of them - and he does!!) called "To Comfort You", which I immediately fell in love with and so wanted to record when I first got into the studio back in London!

As it usually goes, due to a number of nuances that I won't be getting into just yet (if ever), it never came to pass; however, an mp3 of the song ended up on my iPod from the very day I purchased the player at Heathrow Airport.

That was then, this is now - after all these years, I found myself recording this same song at the home studio of the writer who had sent the song to my producer for a different artist (a very very big one, actually - I'm amazed she didn't do it!) back in the day and was now doing my vocals in the heart of Pennsylvania... Not an easy one to describe but yes, it was really something for me... An achievement of sorts, in a way. Do you even know what I mean? FYI I am completely obsessed with "ticking the boxes" you see, particularly when it comes to music.

I have to say, through all the fun in and outside of the studio during those few days, it was so wonderful to be able to switch off from the rest of the world and all of the madness going on every minute of the day whether it's hurricanes, politics, economy, or whatever else is on our minds 24/7 - inevitably so. I did a little bit of work, true, and spent ages on the phone to Georgia trying to arrange a certain "personal delivery" to a hotel for a special friend, but other than that - it was like running away and diving back into those old days of carefree music and musicianship.

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