Monday, September 15, 2008

The Face on My Bedroom Wall... Goes to Georgia!

It's official - The Face on My Bedroom Wall is finally going to visit my home country:

"Vancouver, BC September 15, 2008 – In the wake of the recent conflict in Georgia, Bryan Adams will head to Tbilisi, Georgia, for a September 19th concert billed as Peace, Freedom and Democracy for Georgia. The free concert will take place at 8pm at Rikhe Square in Tbilisi, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Georgia.

The performance comes 40 days following the first date of loss of life in that country – a significant day for the predominantly Orthodox Christian faith who believe the souls of those departed continue their journey after 40 days."

Actually, Bryan Adams has a history of going into country's following internal as well as international conflicts (e.g. Vietnam, Pakistan, Jordan, Sri Lanka, etc.)

Those of you who have read The Face on My Bedroom Wall can only imagine how much this means to me personally - very few in the entertainment world have admitted the relevance of this conflict on a global scale.

But let's face it, for a country that shares its name with a US state, hence the constant confusion (not so much following the recent events, in fact) it really is quite an achievement.

Above all, this once again proves that in this day and ago, any conflict or a mere unrest in even the smallest country on the map affects the rest of the world no longer just indirectly but in fact as directly as ever - one more proof that in our everything world, we are, indeed ONE - the same planet, same species, same dreams, goals and fears.

May have come across as a cliche before, but in today's reality, this couldn't possibly be more relevant and true at this very moment...

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