Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New 2008 Going on 2009!

What a long, long year it's been for all of us, but extremely exciting and adventurous, nonetheless!

You have all been so supportive in 2008, and at times I feel very guilty to have written so little during the last few months. Yet on the same note, it hasn't been an idle period for me either, and the only consolation and my best excuse of all is that I'll have loads to share with you as a result of many, many sleepless nights and pending projects that are coming to a logical conclusion. I do wish I could write more often, but fear not - tons of news and updates are on the way for 2009, so stay tuned by all means!

Just a little teaser before the clock strikes midnight.....

On "Thinking of Someone Else" - as you all remember, the single entered the UK charts in November based on club exposure ONLY, however, in the beginning of the New Year, we're going to hit the radio and digital releases throughout the world big time. We've just completed the whole "package" and are in the process of packaging and scheduling a radio promo tour. New compilations are on the way too, while a few of the back-end of the year ones are about to hit the stores, too!

In the meantime, single #2 which will follow "Thinking of Someone Else" after the radio promotion is also in the making - or more precisely it's still a work in progress, but a concise one, too. I daren't mention the title just yet to avoid jinxing it before we've put the vocals down, but trust me - it's going to be a very cool follow up to "Thinking of Someone Else", with a bit more edge and commercial bite to it... I cannot wait!!

And that's not it - guess what else is on the way in 2009 from the Tinatin camp? I'm not about to tell you EVERYTHING but here's a quick glimpse into the future... It's a boy!! Hahaaa no, no, that was a joke - don't panic! :-)

Now, in all seriousness, it's a book - a novel based on a true story... And here's a big hint (which, by the way, requires some research if you're really curious) - it was inspired by one of my blogs written in 2008 and eventually attracted serious attention and interest within the world of literary publishing.... Unfortunately I can't tell you any more about this project, but do promise to give you more info about it as soon as I'm allowed to :-)

There's so much more I'd love to share with each and every one of you, but I do promise to keep you updated on everything as the events unfold on this end - and in the UK, as well, of course!

But before we close this chapter, I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and a very Happy New Year and hope that we'll share some more stimulating and interesting thoughts through our "blog dialogues" in 2009 - after all, isn't that what makes the online universe so fascinating?

With blessings to you all,

Tinatin xxx

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weekend Warm-Up Show with Mixgeselle & Tinatin

Hey everyone!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow and hear this week's W/E Warm Up Show with Mixgeselle... where you'll also hear "Thinking of Someone Else" with a special message from Tinatin - streaming live right here......


Every Friday afternoon gets you ready for the weekend with a solid hour of great, uplifting house mixes. :The Weekend Warm-Up" is mixed and produced by DJ Mixgeselle, From Hamburg, Germany. Catch this fun, high-energy mixshow every friday at 4:00 pm East / 1:00 pm West / 21:00 GMT.

Play it loud and don’t forget to dance!

The Tracklist - you gotta check it out!

1. ATB Pres. Jades - Wrong Medication (Club Mix)
2. Honey - Don’t Think I’m Not (The S&M Project Remix)
3. Star Pilots - In The Heat Of The Night (Wawa Remix)
The Retro Track
4. Eric Carter - You Make Me Feel (Original Club Mix)
5. Kid Niemand - Forever Man (Original Mix)
6. Solitaire - I Like Love (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
7. Backstreet Boys - The Call (Fragma Remix)
DJ’s Favourite This Week
8. Martello - U R The Reason (Disko Junkie Remix)
9. Tinatin - Thinking Of Someone Else (Riffs & Rays Club Mix)
10. Lemar - If She Knew (Stonebridge Club Mix)
11. Tomer G - I Like It (Extended Club Mix)
12. DJ Meme Ft. Gavin Bradley - Chanson Du Soleil (Redsoul Re-Edit)
13. The Saturdays - Issues (Digital Dog Club Mix)

Hot Bootlegs, Vids & Mixes!

A few updates on "Thinking of Someone Else" have just come in... So exciting! Please check them out and let us know what you think...!

UK's very own DJ Simon Cox has just released the hottest mix of Dec's top dance tunes, which you can check out right here.

Guess what's Simon's 1 favorite song in someone's last bag mix this year?

"Thinking of Someone Else"!

An excerpt from Simon Cox's website:

"As this is the last What's in my Bag Mix this year I have gone to town as they say with some massive and i mean massive tracks. Counts down as usual from 14 to no 1 and as i did the mix i have made my Rework of Tinatin "Thinking of someone else" no 1.DON'T SKIP TO THE END TO LISTEN TO IT THO AS THIS MIX FLOWS FROM PIANO TO HARD BEATS AND BACK AGAIN. CHECK OUT THE NO: 2 TRACK AS WELL, OH MY GOD THEY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. This not an official mix "OF THINKING OF SOMEONE ELSE"!just my rework , so please don't try and buy it! Anyway this mix ALSO marks the end of a true DJ on here in Q-Matic, this one for you my friend and also DJ Chunky some new tunes heading your way soon my friend.

THIS MIX FLOWS FROM PIANO TO HARD BEATS AND BACK AGAIN. CHECK OUT THE NO: 2 TRACK AS WELL, OH MY GOD THEY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. This not an official mix "OF THINKING OF SOMEONE ELSE"!just my rework , so please don't try and buy it! Anyway this mix ALSO marks the end of a true DJ on here in Q-Matic, this one for you my friend and also Dj Chunky some new tunes heading your way soon my friend. Thanks for all the support that people have gievn me this year and long may this site continue to bring people from all over the wrold together with one goal and one belief. The belief that house music is alive and is here to stay! god bless all that sail the good ship house music and keep the music alive :) I joined this site to share my mixes and not to be a famous DJ, thanks to all the offers of work also through the year aswell. I do it for the passion not for the fame or glory! I am a simple bedroom dj now :) well bedroom not really bedroom more room in my house :) anyway as always Listen and Enjoy the chart mix and remember support the dj's and also the artists that have made this real this year. Big thanks to Paul the creator! what a year! HAPPY CHRISTAMS TO YOU ALL AND RESPECT TO ALL MY FRIENDS ACROSS THE POND AND ALL OF THE WORLD! LOOK OUT FOR MY SPECIAL NEW YEARS MIX COOMING VERY SOON !

14.Cahill - Into My Life (Anton Powers Mix)
13.DJ Flavours - Your Caress 2008
12.Pjanoo Vs Robin S
11.Bodyswerve (Full Vocal Mix) De'Lacy & Marco Gee
10.Break of Dawn (Mark Knight Piano Mix) Deepgroove
09.Deliver Me (seamus haji remix) Paul Harris feat. Cevin Fisher
08.Disco Darlings - Sexy Bitch (Hoxton Whores Remix)
07.Dominator (Mom & Dad Remix) Human Resource 1
06.Maniac (Dave Ramone Remix) Topmodelz
05.Nightbirds - Played A Live (Simon De Jano Mix)
04.You Used To Hold Me D.O.N.S.
03.Yeah (2008 johnny max remix) Usher
02.House Addicts ft Kay Jay - Pumping It Up
01.Thinking of someone else- Tinatin (Everlasting Piano's Bootleg Mix) Dj Simon Cox Rework 2008

Oh my good what a tune to end with !!!! just played the mix back and what a emotional end to the mix "hairs on the back of neck! how many good piano's tunes can you get in one mix!!!!!!:) laterz people need to have a rest now lol :) happy christmas and bring on the new year !!!!!!!!!"

Moreover, you can also check out the YouTube version of Simon's rework of "Thinking of Someone Else" with artwork designed by Simon Cox himself... Never thought a bootleg could be sooo sweet and exciting! Thanks so much, Simon!!

And in the meantime, Mixgeselle's hot Weekend Warm Up Show airs this coming weekend on FM radio in 5 countries (Belgium, Iceland, Malta, Spain and the U.S., WBXO 102,5 Hudson Valley area N.Y., as well as on 14 internet radio stations) and will feature "Thinking of Someone Else" with a special shout from Tinatin, so do tune in by all means! Last week's show was absolutely amazing, and the feedback was so great, let's see if this time around, it's as good, if not better - so don't miss it: DJ Mixgeselle playing 60 minutes in the mix of uplifting vocal / disco / funky house to get you ready for a party weekend!

More news on the way, but for now - special thanks to DJ Simon Cox and DJ Mixgeselle for their support and for championing the tune!

And of course - thank you all so much! Stay tuned :-)