Sunday, November 30, 2008

Latest Mixshows... More on the way!

A couple of great new mixshows for you all to download - free podcasts, no piracy, but of course these are exceptional cases, as you may already know! :-)

Some of UK's hottest DJs and top dance mixes, featuring Riffs & Rays Remix of "Thinking of Someone Else", so do check them out, please!

DJ Marky Mark

DJ Marky Mark - In The Mix Nov (2008)


Tinatin -Thinking Of Someone Else (Riffs and Rays Club Mix)
Shik Stylko - That Night (Club Mix)
The Outsiders - Keep This Fire Burning (Wawa Club Mix)
Selda - 100% Pure Love (Spencer & Hill Remix)
Alphabeat - What Is Happening (Simmons & Christopher Remix)
Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing (Bimbo Jones Remix)
Golden Girls - Kinetec (Prok And Fitch Golden Shower Remix)
Rio - When The Sun Comes Down (Spencer & Hill Remix)
Michael Mind - Bakerstreet (Original Mix)
Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
Tastemakers - Colourblind (Original Club Mix)
No Halo - Put Your Hands On (Extended Mix)
Taio Cruz - I Just Wanna Know (Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix)
MassiveDrum Feat Pm - Fiesta

DJ Simon Cox

Dj Simon Cox - Comercial Bangers! Vol 24

Hot n Cold (jason nevins extended mix) Katy Perry
Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Remix) Rihanna
Reef - Place Your Hands (Freshers)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

News, News, News

Just when you thought there were no more updates on this front, here are some of the latest news from across the pond!

Dance/Commercial Club/House Radio DJ Mixgeselle has added "Thinking of Someone Else" to his Weekend Warm Up Show (it was last weekend's DJ's Fave Track!) that airs on Energy FM Isle Of Man, HFM 102.4 Leicester, Generation Zel Radio Canada, Party Radio USA NYC, WDA 1 USA, Pro FM Netherlands, Ministry Of Sound Radio UK, Dance4ever Radio Switzerland, Voice 987 Iceland, Jenny FM Germany, Energy Fm Malta, The Mix Nation USA, UK Away FM Canary Islands, Party 934 USA, Scarlett FM UK, GK Radio Europe.

Mixgeselle - Weekend Warm Up Show - Top 20 Chart

DJ Meme Ft Gavin Bradley - Chanson Du Sole
The Killers - Human
DJ Neo Ft Soraya Vivian - Groove With You
Morgan Page - Call My Name
Hannu - Love Train 2008
Solange - Sandcastle Disco
Ladyhawke - My Delirium
Tinatin - Thinking Of Someone Else
V&S Ft Michaela Paige - Never Gonna Give Up On Your Love
Kaskade - Angel On My Shoulder
Henry John Morgan - Cherokee
Jes - Imagination
Simply Red - Go Now
Sosua & Mad - Supaconstellation
Confused Crew - One Bad Apple
Samuele Sartini Vs Jordan Dee - Let's Get Back The Feeling
Jaime Ft J Mac - I'll Be There
John Barrowman - What About Us

While in the meantime, (We Dance As One) US dance internet radio station has also added "Thinking of Someone Else" (Riffs & Rays Remix) to the playlist and the latest addition to next week's chart. You can request the song right here in real time!

You can also hear "Thinking of Someone Else" on Fire FM 107.6 in the UK (among this week's favorite new additions) and curiously - Radio 1 in Greece and on DJ Georg's top dance tunes 2008 compilation...

And on a lighter note, where did this come from??? Nobody knows! :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When Silence Gets Too Much

Once upon a time, not so terribly long ago, daily blogging was an inner necessity for me, I had to write a paragraph or two either direct from my phone "on the go" or the laptop on my coffee table in the living room. I simply had to write. I was enjoying every bit of it, couldn't wait to post something on regular basis... A couple of times, friends jokingly warned they'd unsubscribe from my blog list if I didn't stop writing massive electronic accounts day in and day out. Breaking the habit for more than a week was unfathomable to me.

Over the past month or so, I noticed that the necessity was slowly beginning to fade, and it was mainly the group of friends on myspace that inevitably raised the question, "why have you stopped blogging like you used to?"

The bottom line is probably the fact that the act of posting private thoughts, activities and accounts of daily life and its adventures can become slightly too... personal, I suppose. Is it an addiction, I wonder? The need to share, to discuss, to talk out loud. Or simply the desire to write to those who may care to read what you have to say? As Richard will probably agree, one's ego has quite a lot to do with this phenomenon.

But on the other hand, there comes a time when something "clicks" inside and the red light goes off instantly... "I am sharing too much!" A couple of times, I have to admit that I probably said too much that perhaps I shouldn't have. Nothing wrong with being honest and genuine, but sometimes it can be misinterpreted. Openness can make us vulnerable, especially when we are actually enjoying the moment of honesty. The beauty of the internet is that every one of us is entitled to privacy and the freedom of speech - a strange combination, that is until you unmask your true identity. And then the privacy and ability to share personal thoughts and feelings is pretty much no longer what it once used to be. But the desire to share is still very much "there"... Except now there's no going back, you either maintain the honesty in the blog posts or simply "back off"... It's like a relationship in many ways, I guess.

Having said all of the above, backing off hasn't really worked for me. I do miss blogging, primarily because it brings all of us in the virtual world a little bit closer to us, and makes us so much more "human" in this inhuman online universe. That's the beauty of it - meeting some of the nicest people, and a few "odd characters" here and there, but all in all - such an adventure, how do you walk away from it?

Blogging rehab aside, it has been really frantic recently, even more so after the initial bite of positive reaction and a bit of success in the UK club scene with "Thinking of Someone Else". The big question is, how do we keep the momentum and build on it while it's still very much hot and current? The answer is - RADIO - but of course like everything else, it's easier said than done. However, this weekend the song will, in fact, premiere on FM radio and needless to say, I am THRILLED, but also refusing to stop and enjoy the moment when there's so much more that has to be done, one by one - it's finally coming together like a puzzle that's missing one little piece in the corner on the left-hand side.

Apart from the radio dilemma which is now beginning to click, click, click cross-Atlantic, we also realized that I'm short of a ... Ballad! And this is where somebody like Billy Stein comes in. The new song is currently "under construction" and is being written by myself, Billy and Christopher Neil, my executive producer and someone without whose belief, support and hard work I wouldn't be doing what I love the most - as simple as that. It's very exciting, but I have to say that after being out of the studio since June, the past week was a strange "homecoming" experience for me. And exhausting too, but I loved it. What do I look forward to the most now? (Apart from hearing the song on the radio this weekend onwards!) Recording the vocals - finally!

And of course aside from the Music, the UN radio show, recording sessions and publicity work "in the making", there's always that extra bit of time, patience and space that we devote to the family, friends and matters of the heart... The latter being the trickiest one, of course, but there's never a dull moment, is there? :-) That's it, daren't say any more in case "I really shouldn't".

It has only just hit me... I have missed blogging A LOT. That aftertaste following a night out with close friends, chatting, catching up and sharing bits and pieces after a long period of silence can be so comforting. That's what I've missed about this experience. I really should devote a little more time to this particular form of writing - it's too good to neglect!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

News on Thinking of Someone Else

Tinatin's "Thinking of Someone Else" remix by Riffs & Rays has been featured in November's top dance hit compilation from CD Pool UK.

RELEASED NOVEMBER 08 Monthly double CD featuring big room vocal house floor fillers, pop remixes, and commercial dance anthems from all over Europe.

Up to two months ahead of commercial release.


1. Wideboys Feat. Dennis G - Sambuca (The Return) (Wideboys Miami House Club Mix)
2. New Kids On The Block & Ne-Yo - Single (Stonebridge Club Mix)
3. Alphabeat - What Is Happening (Simmons & Christopher Remix)
4. Solitaire Feat. Shena - Fantasy (Extended Club Mix)
5. Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing (Bimbo Jones Remix)
6. Boogie Pimps Feat. Steve Brookstein - Promised Land (Bassmonkeys Club Mix)
7. Ladyhawke - My Delirium (Jbag Hot Pop Remix)
8. Tikaro. J Louis & Ferran Feat. Rebeka Brown - Real Things (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Remix)
9. Simply Red - Go Now (Triple Dee Club Mix)
10.Jordan Sparks - Tattoo (Jason Nevins Club Mix)

CD 2

1. No Halo - Put Your Hands On (Extended Mix)
2. Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
3. Girls Aloud - The Promise (Dave Aude Club Mix)
4. DJ Pedro - Day By Day (Extended Club Mix)
5. Pink - So What (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
6. Breezy - I Get Drunk (Jaimeson Club Mix)
7. John Barrowman - What About Us (Simmons & Christopher Remix)
8. Geo Da Silva - I'll Do You Like A Truck (Kid Chris & DJ Sign Remix)
9. Midnight Express & Sabrina Johnston - Party Train (Extended Mix)
10.Tinatin - Thinking Of Someone Else (Riffs & Rays Club Mix)
11.Kicken Vs Yasca Presents Nado - Feel The Sunshine (Etended Mix)

In the meantime, on Ourstage, Dr. Octavo's Charmix of "Thinking of Someone Else" is Oct/Nov's Club Dance #1 in Fan Favorites & Most Played categories...

For more news from the UK and beyond... watch this space!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who ever said 13 is an unlucky number???

Et voila... it's official!

"Thinking of Someone Else" Riffs & Rays/Dr. Octavo remixed double single is next week's 13 in the Music Week Pop Club charts in the UK!

Needless to say, Top 30 was a big thrill in itself, but last week's 21 was such a close call, I couldn't help but keep my fingers crossed... why not Top 20, after all?

Some call it gambling, but for better or worse, there's always much more at stake "behind the scenes" than a mere position in the charts.

Not yet a Top 10 but initial talks about an upcoming single are well on the cards... in fact, already in full gear!

Watch this space for more news... some exciting updates on the way, but in the meantime, many thanks for all the support, encouragement and faith!

Love to you all,

Tinatin x

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections '08 - The Big Night!

Endless months of speculations, expert and amateur analysis, tensions rising day by day... And finally, tonight is the night when it all comes to a (hopefully) logical conclusion.

My big move to the States a few years ago coincided with the 2004 Presidential Elections, and I can now admit, hand on heart, that it didn't affect me half as much as back then as it does this time around.

Surely, it was supposed to be a temporary move and there were no signs or guarantees that I'd be settling down in the US for good.

Of course you never know what's around the corner, but at this point, this is definitely the place I call home, and somehow whatever happens right here and now, good or bad, will have a direct impact on each and every resident of this country and beyond its borders.

A US Resident but not yet a Citizen, I do genuinely envy those who have the choice to cast their vote tonight and effect the much anticipated results first-hand.

As we are all glued to our TV screens on a Tuesday eve, I can't help but laugh at the vivid memory of yours truly desperately trying to get some sleep exactly four years ago a in midtown Manhattan hotel room, with the TV switched on in the background, while a resonating echo "Ohio, Ohio, Ohio" crept into my dreams and made the much-needed sleep virtually impossible.

Four years later, I couldn't have thought more differently about the election saga, and yes, it does mean a great deal more to me now.

This is more than a mere presidential election or just another page in the history - it really is the choice made directly by people, every responsible person, and unlike some other countries where it's a rare luxury, let's just hope that every vote really, truly counts.