Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections '08 - The Big Night!

Endless months of speculations, expert and amateur analysis, tensions rising day by day... And finally, tonight is the night when it all comes to a (hopefully) logical conclusion.

My big move to the States a few years ago coincided with the 2004 Presidential Elections, and I can now admit, hand on heart, that it didn't affect me half as much as back then as it does this time around.

Surely, it was supposed to be a temporary move and there were no signs or guarantees that I'd be settling down in the US for good.

Of course you never know what's around the corner, but at this point, this is definitely the place I call home, and somehow whatever happens right here and now, good or bad, will have a direct impact on each and every resident of this country and beyond its borders.

A US Resident but not yet a Citizen, I do genuinely envy those who have the choice to cast their vote tonight and effect the much anticipated results first-hand.

As we are all glued to our TV screens on a Tuesday eve, I can't help but laugh at the vivid memory of yours truly desperately trying to get some sleep exactly four years ago a in midtown Manhattan hotel room, with the TV switched on in the background, while a resonating echo "Ohio, Ohio, Ohio" crept into my dreams and made the much-needed sleep virtually impossible.

Four years later, I couldn't have thought more differently about the election saga, and yes, it does mean a great deal more to me now.

This is more than a mere presidential election or just another page in the history - it really is the choice made directly by people, every responsible person, and unlike some other countries where it's a rare luxury, let's just hope that every vote really, truly counts.

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