Friday, September 5, 2008

My Fourth Anniversary

Sure seems as though it was only yesterday when I arrived at JFK thinking that I'd only be here for a few months at the most... And guess what - I'm still here! A foreign country became my surrogate home, and although it was a nightmare at times, I wouldn't change a thing about the journey.

Initially, I thought about writing the entire blog about the big move, but then I realized it would take weeks and weeks to tell the story, and let's face it - you're here to hear the music, not read!

So for those of you interesting in the story of a Georgian "Russianette", I've launched a new blog which will be separate from everything to do with myspace, labels, managers, etc. - a personal blog, rather.

You can join the group right here or Subscribe to Welcome to My Cozy Corner - from Russia with Love by Email

But in the meantime, a great weekend to you all in NYC and beyond! :-)

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