Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good singers, great singers & GREAT VOCALISTS

Artists seldom talk about fellow colleagues. This is especially true about singers raving about other singers, particularly if they haven't yet sold 20 million records, but are, however, well on their way to hitting the big time.

I had the opportunity to hear one such artist tonight at the Canal Room, and God is my witness, she is not in urgent need of extra publicity and/or a name tick in a blog. Yet, her performance tonight was of breathtaking quality, depth and great fun - all at the same time.

In my book, there are good singers, great singers, and then there are those very few "great vocalists" - Ms. Lucy Woodward, ladies and gentlemen, is one of them - and that's quite rare nowadays, let's face it!

If you haven't already heard her music and experienced the magic of seeing her live, hand on heart - I promise you have missed something so worth a shot. I am blown away... She made me want to get on that stage right then and there and sing my heart out. Now that only happens when I see someone truly amazing at what they do.

What a night, such a blast....!

Thank you, Ms. Lucy Woodward - you are the real deal, in all honesty.

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