Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

So seldom in life, you cross paths with someone you feel you have known all of your life - you instantly overcome the introductory phase and bond like true friends in a matter of minutes. You laugh about silly-nothings, share little stories and memories of years gone by, talk about what's meaningful one minute and the next second you're fooling around like teenagers in a toy store. All of this comes and goes within a scope of just a few hours. Doubtful? Trust me, it isn't.

Last night I met the person that I had literally spent days on end observing and, in my own special way "knowing" from the distance during my early teenage years and onwards. If there are symbolic memorabilia and souvenirs that we cherish from our brief but adventurous childhood, the image and memories I had associated over the years with this very person is undoubtedly one of those sweet reminders of the naïveté and carelessness of being a youngster.

People come and go, especially in a big city where we meet so many different people day in and day out - and very few of them impact us in any way, often not even in the most minuscule of ways, sadly. But on the other hand, so rarely we come across those who become special to us immediately and you don't quite know how or why.

A friendship that has been in the making for years can sometimes manifest itself into a real-life connection on a spontaneous note - and that's when it truly brings joy to us because it lacks a cold, calculated and preplanned factor of a mere "set up". Not being limited by the bureaucracy of an arranged meeting for a specific purpose or a pre-written goal can make all the difference. And quite frankly, our lives in today's manic world are governed and permanently run by such calculated deeds and encounters.

Only once in a while can we truly break away from what's often referred to as a routine and be human again - enjoying the simple pleasures of what is always just around the corner, after all, but we always fail to notice it because we're either too busy or too ignorant.

At some point it comes to an end (oh no, not the ending but just a pause until the next time!) and you realize that it's time to reintegrate into the real world that you had left behind for a brief moment or two... And the spiral is in full motion all over again!

And then you look back and wonder: "Life is funny and so full of unexpected surprises...."

A wonderful getaway from the madness in the very heart of the Big Apple... Without even leaving the city, you can rediscover what you've spent years ignoring on your way from one meeting to another and back to square one again. Beautiful, fun and so real.

You know who you are - thank you!

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