Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Record Stores... They Still Exist???

If you ask when was the last time I bought a physical CD in a record store, I'll have to concentrate for a few minutes and try to remember if it was even this year....

Even today, as I popped into the bookstore to buy a new notebook (I always carry one in my bag wherever I go - for both musical and journalistic purposes, you just never know!) I ended up next to the music department and remembered that one of my co-writer and producer Billy Stein's record had hit the stores nationwide today. Linda Eder's much anticipated "americana" release, "The Other Side of Me".

Ever since I first got to Manhattan/EMI and did my showcase this spring, they've all been talking about the album that was already done but because of internal political reasons (nothing to do with the actual product, sadly - this is the reality of the music industry today: it's not about the music) the label couldn't commit to a definite release date and deliver. Same old story....

Anyway, many months later, the album is now in stores through Verve. And it was worthwhile.

I was first introduced to Linda's work when I came to the US in 2000 to do the Alan and Marilyn Bergman tribute show. Back then she was quite well known if you liked that kind of music - Broadway standards.

But today, I heard the record that she should've considered making even earlier. (Actually, I did hear bits of it at Billy's studio a few months ago - so I was already familiar with the material more or less, but hush hush :-)

As I was unwrapping the CD, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the time when I, as a little girl, seized every opportunity to drive miles out of central Moscow with Dad to our favorite "Purple Legion" where they sold imported records from abroad...quite a luxury back then! A CD was 15.00 USD, but it was worth every penny - what a joy!

Nowadays, I barely even bother to walk into one of those mega record stores... Why? Because quite frankly, very few amazing albums are being made and released on regular basis these days - and it's no big deal if I just get a song or two off iTunes and ignore the artwork and credits included in the physical copy of the record....

It's just rarely worth the hassle and utter excitement like before.... Will it ever be the same again? Doubt it. But something else will surely come along - no doubt. That's the way it is...and always has been - a full circle!

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