Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sharing is Caring - Is It Really?

A few hours ago, I posted a link to an unknown UK seller's advert for an original Promo Only copy of "Thinking of Someone Else" on ebay.

Yes, some of us may argue that a leak, particularly of a physical copy as opposed to a digital download, could possibly signify interest, for there's never a product that survives certain mediums and formats unless there's real, tangible demand for it out there. Partly true, I agree.

But here's the big dilemma - when you're not an independent artist making your own records, writing your own songs solo and basically doing your own thing without a team behind you, how can you possibly expect to keep everyone happy while your music is getting played - and sold, albeit secretly - behind your back? All it does is promotes you as an artist, and the song gets exposed without allowing you to compensate those who were there to make it happen. Let's face, art is great but it's also a business, especially nowadays.

I have now got my producer, the remixer and co-producer of the track, the co-writers, publishers, etc. who are collectively furious about this - and quite rightly so. For while I'm getting my name and ego exposed all over bit by bit, they are losing out on the royalties.

Is that fair? You tell me.... I'd love to hear your views x

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