Saturday, October 18, 2008

Early in the Morning...

There is place in Chelsea that I have fallen in love with... Not for any particular reason other than for its resemblance of another equally cozy and unusual place with the same three-digit name that I had so loved in London.

Fashionable duds and charming antiques surround diners at this restaurant nestled within a designer clothing store.

It was the place where I had my breakfast every morning and enjoyed late brunch at weekends in Westbourne Grove... Every waiter, ever item on the limited but exquisite menu, every chair and every table are so familiar though across the ocean, nonetheless.

And now I have discovered the exact same spot in the heart of NY's Chelsea - same menu, same building number (three-digits!) and the identical concept: a clothing shop, a furniture boutique and a lovely cafe/restaurant - all in one! Truly delectable!

Saturday morning over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, orange juice and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, a good book, and the one and only Blackberry - just enough to start a new day!

The worst part? My closest of friends I used to have these breakfasts with in London - particularly the one friend (you know who you are) ... they're still in England.

But there's no going back - new friends, new songs and new projects - yet the favorite breakfast place remains the same on both sides of the Atlantic!

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