Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long Time No Blog!

After 10 days of absence from the blog scene, I was startled to discover some of the sweetest, funniest inquiries about my unexpected silence.

Had I disappeared after the crash of Wall Street having been affected by the financial crisis first-hand? Am I well and healthy? Is there a specific cause for the longest-running silence ever since I first launched the blog?

The unexpected volume - and warmth - of these messages caught me by surprise, although I have to admit, it was immensely flattering - and inspiring, too!

Truth be told, my days and nights have been absolutely frantic lately, ranging from official debut single release preparations and first reactions from England, UN and radio work, manuscript development and editing, personal matters of the heart, etc. All positive, exciting and hectic - so no worries at all, I'm still here! :-)

The major source of excitement is, of course, obvious to most of you by now - the UK radio & club rotation of "Thinking of Someone Else" double single: initial feedback and reviews from some of the top-notch clubs across the country, as well as additional commercial Top 40 compilation albums in the UK and Canada which will also feature the track as one of the upcoming highlights of Oct/Nov/Dec '08.

There's one particular massive compilation album that will feature the song as an upcoming hit of the season... All confirmed but not yet released, so forgive me for not being more precise :-)

Absolutely over the moon, to say the least!

What has made it slightly less enjoyable is the lack of sleep and zero time to actually celebrate the first results... Except, I'm a true believer that there's always time to celebrate somewhere down the line - but first things first: work, work, work and multiply the initial reaction by 100, building on the first bits of success!!!

Well, what can I say? Too early to feel dizzy and dazed based on all of this madness, but all the more to work on and develop, day by day, minute by minute. There will always an opportunity to sit back and relax, but not now - far from it, in fact.

Instead, what I should do is find more time to blog more often, keep you all posted and above all, maintain our fascinating, fun discussions about this, that and the other... That's what I miss the most!

Thank you all so much for reaching out, caring to ask if everything is in order, and for proving once again that online correspondence can, indeed, turn into friendship both online and offline - regardless of the medium of communication! I can't quite describe how wonderful it is to know that you're all there, regardless of the silence - we're all just a click away, one way or another.

Getting back to the frantic reality now, but do promise to write again sooner than you think - and then we can collectively complain about how often Tinatin posts her blogs without giving anyone sufficient time to go through them all, one by one! Hand on heart, I've missed that - badly.

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