Thursday, October 23, 2008

From 30 to 23 - Backward Mathematics!

"From #30 the week of October 25th onto #23 as of Nov. 1st - Tinatin, Thinking of Someone Else" Music Week's official Pop Chart, UK.

Ecstatic, anxious and, well, keeping my fingers crossed greedily for the Top 20 slot. But humans are greedy by nature, aren't we?

This evening on my way home from a meeting, I walked by an ancient hotel (based on NY standards, of course) on 54th street famous for its lovely breakfast café overlooking the Avenue of the Americas. And it suddenly hit me - just over a year and a half ago, while having brunch with my producer and going through the songs, old and new, he made a quick suggestion.

"Why don't we submit 'Thinking of Someone Else' for Kylie's upcoming album? She'll cut it for sure, and anyway, although it's a hit, I think it may be a bit too poppy for you..." I was distraught? Are we taking the song off an album that's no even made yet, without even giving me a chance with it? "Otherwise we'll sit on it for ages and..." No, no, I couldn't give in, I wouldn't! Even though I knew it was also in my interest as a co-writer to land a potential single on Kylie Minogue's comeback album.

Being stubborn as hell, I refused to give in, and so did my producer - he couldn't be asked arguing about it with a stubborn post-teenage soviet! :-)

A year and a half later, walking past this same place I asked myself if this was one of the few good decisions I've made over the years (not proud to admit it's rare!) ... And this same record producer, Christopher Neil, is in so many ways responsible for "Thinking of Someone Else" now in the UK. Fate? Or persistence? Or both?

Keeping my fingers crossed for next week but not forgetting to multiply this by 100 in the meantime... Gotta build on it and follow it up, otherwise what's the point? No good charting for the sake of charting! At least not in this case........

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