Monday, March 16, 2009

Russkiy in the Mix

You thought you knew everything?

Not really! :-) And here's why...

As most of you already know about my passion for radio and the current PRN radio show that I host and produce from the United Nations called "U.N. Uncovered", I have recently embarked on a new parallel journey that I'm very excited about and have been counting the weeks to finally share the offspring with you all!

Break Thru Radio, one of the most open-minded and musically diverse stations amid today's commercial overload on all fronts, has become the catalyst and the driving force behind my most recent adventure - Russkiy in the Mix with DJ Tinatin.

You can hear the show anytime by visiting the BTR website or just follow one of the links above to explore other BTR shows in the Program Guide - you won't regret it, there's everything for everyone ranging from Jazz to Country, Japanese, German and Australian pop/rock to Russkiy in the Mix... How cool is that?!

So stay tuned - every first Tuesday of each month or simply by clicking right here to hear the only English-language source of fresh Russian music on US radio with a monthly dose of what’s fresh and “happening” in Moscow, St. Petersburg and beyond…

For those of you who know too little about Russian modern music but are fascinated by the nation's immense culture and history, be sure to check it out...

And by the way, if you're wondering why those lengthy blogs have disappeared from my homepage, here's your new source from now on - on weekly basis, every Wednesday there's a brand new Tinatin-penned Feature Article on -- voila a few of the latest links:

Freedom of Speech

Russian America

Evolution of Music

Politicians vs. Popstars - Equal?

A Wednesday featurette entitled "Loli-Pop" will be available first thing tomorrow morning on BTR's website - check it out and stay tuned for more! :-)

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