Monday, July 7, 2008


We, those who love music and have made it a significant part of our lives, more often than not tend to have an all-time favorite piece of music, and even more so, a soundtrack that becomes an life-long companion throughout the years. It can often take on a new meaning each time. However, in other cases, it becomes a time machine, a rare catalyst that carries intangible memories within itself that entice all sorts of recollections in the slightest, most trivial details and beyond.

My personal soundtrack that keeps bringing back so many long lost sensations and memories and creating new ones along the way will always be the one that moved me so deeply on the very day I heard it as a 12-year-old girl in Eastern Europe...And ironically, the film and its script where also based in the same part of the world... For those of you who haven't guessed - it's "Yentl".

The very first time I went into a professional recording studio to record my initial EP, which I refer to as my "first steps" nowadays, I recorded a version of "The Way He Makes Me Feel". It was shortly followed by "A Piece of Sky" - a song that meant the world to me from the start. As I was singing it in the vocal booth, I knew it would become a very special one for me. Having just lost my grandfather whom I absolutely adored, the song took a completely different, more profound meaning in my heart which ultimately transmitted itself on tape... And what you hear on this page is the same demo I made that same night.

Little did I know, that just over a year later, I would be rehearsing the same song with the original writer, Alan Bergman, for the upcoming tribute show in honor of his wife and songwriting partner - the amazing Marilyn Bergman.

(By clicking here you can read more about this incredible, unforgettable experience that I will always cherish very close to my heart. To watch the video of the rehearsal, please click on this link To see the performance at the tribute show, follow the highlight ...)

And as one of my new friends here in this online universe pointed out as a part of his status, "If YOU can conceive it, YOU can achieve it..." And it is so true.

May this power of one's dream never leave our hearts and minds.

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