Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Thinking of Someone Else...

I am completely over the moon - "Thinking of Someone Else" is 2 in the online Dance/Club charts on Our Stage! It is all the more exciting because a real club mix of the song is being crafted in Canada at the moment by Dr. Octavo ( who has remixed everyone who's anyone in today's pop world, including Beyonce, Britney, Janet Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, etc. Needless to say, I am literally counting the days to hear the remix!

I have never been big on club music, but recently I started getting into the more "chilled out" remixes with an atmospheric edge. Who would have thought - I am the least "club-oriented" person you will ever meet! When most of my friends were out clubbing in Moscow (quite an exciting scene over there if you are into that sort of thing), I was fiddling with my Sony recorder "fabricating" homemade duets with Streisand, Bryan Adams, etc. and capturing my utter moments of naïve plagiarism on tape, while my parents were entertaining guests next door. It was my way of having the time of my life, never for a second lamenting all those disco nights I had missed out on.

Very early on, I had a very definite game plan for myself - singing was always at the very heart of it, never replaced by any sort of Plan B. I was blessed to have the perfect parents for this uneasy task: my number one fans and the most dedicated supporters to date, they never failed to go out of their way to facilitate the making of a dream. It wasn't going to be easy, although I have to admit, in the beginning it actually was unusually smooth!

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