Monday, June 1, 2009

After ESC 2009 Success - A European Chart-Topper!

I couldn't be more excited and thrilled with the results following the Eurovision extravaganza earlier last month...

While most of us expected the ESC madness to be over following the grand finale on May 16, shortly thereafter, I realized that the craziness had only just begun as the phone started ringing like never before with 2 min intervals the moment my plane touched down in New York City!

First things first - the European chart report as of this week:

"Is It True?" single (EMI)

Norway: 1
Sweden: 2
Belgium: 23
Denmark: 16
Switzerland: 9
Finland: 6
U.K.: 49

ESC 2009 COMPILATION (Capitol)

U.K.: 14
Sweden: 1
Switzerland: 3
Norway: 6
Denmark: 21
Austria: 13
Spain: 13
Germany: 3

And the sales + chart positions are building up by the week, and so are my responsibilities...! Plus more covers of "Is It True?" in various languages by top artists in Germany, Russia... even South Africa and more! TBC asap!

New and exciting co-write opportunities with some of the best songwriters and production outfits across Europe and the U.S. that I could have only dreamed of last month are now becoming my collaborators in the studio. How do I feel? Too insane to be proud of it and I wouldn't dare relax at this point either... But the anticipation of the next big chart-topper is so intense!

There are some incredibly exciting projects (music, books, bands, etc. - you name it! But I'll say no more...) and collaborations in the pipeline, but I keep reminding myself that there are only 24 hours at my disposal per day. How can I make the most of it? Sleep, oh how I miss that minor form of escape on daily basis.

And just in case you haven't heard this week's Russkiy in the Mix, be sure to tune on June 2nd @ noon NY time (or straight afterwards - in the archives on the website) at to hear some of my favorite tunes that I picked up while I was in Moscow last month. Make sure you check out "Moscow Never Sleeps" - undoubtedly my favorite track of the month and a constant reminder of how much fun we had whilst there in-between the crazy meetings, shoots and rehearsals - Missing it now!

Time to say goodnight yet again... But in the meantime, one little secret - a sequel of my debut novel (which is being edited as we speak by my agents and editors in London and NY!) that I'm currently developing... So many exciting stories and adventures that I had forgotten about... Ohhh, the beauty of writing a novel based on a true story! Daren't say any more - hush my mouth! :)

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