Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Russkiy in Amerikansky...!

A fine gap between UN Radio and Russkiy electronic mixed with some alternativa, but who ever said it was forbidden?!

If you've only heard Russian "popsa" and don't know much about the particular genre apart from T.a.t.u. and a few rare exceptions that have actually managed to "translate" into the Western pop market, here's your chance to listen to what's really cool, underground and "happening" in Moscow & St. Petersburg at the moment.

Some of the best chill-out, electronica, house, rockapops alternativa and more... right here on Break Thru Radio with DJ Tinatin.... check it out and let us know what you love, hate and so on... open to suggestions, criticism and of course loyalty !!! :-)

Yours truly,

DJ Tinatinsky :-)

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