Monday, February 23, 2009

Eurovision Gamble Begins!

Still very early days to speculate about the results of the semifinals in Moscow on May 12 & 14 followed by the actual grand finale two days later, however, an interesting non-Icelandic review written by Spain's Rodrigo Romero has been circulating through the internet over the last few days...........

"Iceland has secured a place in the final"

Posted by Rodrigo Romero

In the first super Saturday, when no less than five songs were chosen to fly to Moscow, it was no surprise to see Iceland pick Is it true to represent them in May. Everything works perfectly with this entry, the lyrics are simple, but really beautiful, Johanna is simply lovely, the tune is quite catchy, and one that is easy to keep humming after listening to it once, the voice is sweet but at the same time powerful, the live performance was flawless... it all ads up to the conclusion that there was no better choice to have made, and that Iceland is, I think, beginning to stand out as a real contender to win the whole thing.

One thing is sure: they have secured a spot in the final. There is no way they can be left out; on the one hand, they have televote to rely on; on the other hand, if Johanna doesn't pull it off with televote (and then European public can seriously be locked in a mental health home), she has the jury vote to back her up. Having had the luck to be drawn to a semifinal which still has to produce an impressive song (and a marvelous ballad, which is better than this), it's difficult to see this one blown away; the only real excellent songs so far there are Andorra's and Montenegro's; Finland's, Malta's and Turkey's are ok; Romania's is nothing special, and Armenia's and Belarus' are terrible.

And then, let's not forget that the final will see a 50-50 split between televote and jury vote, and this song is the exact kind that the latter wouldn't doubt to support. So, still expecting for 20 songs to be either presented or chosen, I'd be brave enough to say that it's not too crazy to think about a Reykjavik 2010.

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