Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Billboard Single Review 2007 - AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!

"We the Peoples"


Producer(s): Fabulous Fab

Writers: Tinatin, F. Dupont, A. Roman

Genre: AC

Label: PureMix

Georgian (country, not the state) singer Tinatin, who has resided in New York for the past few years—and worked with top producers in search of label recognition—has co-written and recorded a penultimate, contemporary anthem honoring the mission of the United Nations, perhaps more relevant than ever, given the flux of worldwide politics. The song cleverly opens with President Truman's 1945 introduction of the United Nations charter, followed by Tinatin's rallying directive, "Let every border that divides become a meeting of hearts and minds/ Every flag we salute fly with the gentle wind of gratitude," which she sings with graceful vocal fortitude amid a hand-waving midtempo cadence. The composition's roots were born from Tinatin's role as a member of U.N. Correspondents Assn., stringer for the Russian media and active global advocate for AIDS awareness. "We the Peoples" debuted on U.K. National Radio last month and gained an enthusiastic stamp of approval from U.N. senior directors. Find it on iTunes now—and hopefully soon on AC stations looking for resonant affirmation that politics actually have potential to unite. Best of all, this beautiful, young, charismatic artist has much more in-pocket to collate a hit-packed catalog into one of the choice debut albums of the year. —Chuck Taylor

Billboard Review - Tinatin 2007

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